About Us

The Eighth Eye Company was established with a basic future vision to advance the health sector and make a breakthrough in the world of health training to match its counterpart in developed countries, while benefiting from the thermal expertise of employees of health specialties in the Kingdom.

At the Eighth Eye Training Center, we aim to develop quality standards in the work environment by providing the workforce in the health sector in the Kingdom with professional skills in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and to improve the trainee’s performance by providing training according to the latest advanced methods in this field, and by seeking expertise, experience and international institutes in the field of training. Health, to eventually produce a generation capable of their work that contributes to the renaissance and advancement of the nation.
To be one of the pioneers of training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing a very professional work team in accordance with high standards of performance, whether employees of the center or trainers whom we choose and evaluate their performance according to international methods of evaluation in order to provide training programs of a high level and effective content and to raise the level of training services and Development and improving the level of business within the Kingdom

● Providing training and consulting services to achieve the highest level of quality, training, development and continuous improvement

●Innovation in all initiatives in an effort to meet organizations’ expectations and requirements.

 ● Ensuring excellence in the design and delivery of all our training and consulting services.

 ●Providing modern and internationally advanced frameworks and systems in training, development and consulting.


Last modified: Thursday, 26 January 2023, 11:17 AM